Multiplication Arrays and Repeated Addition

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1) Space Arrays
Grades: 2-4
Summary: Count the rows and add it together with the number of stars in each row to show multiplication in arrays.

How to integrate: Shared, Modeled, Independent
2) Math Cats - Arrays
Grades: 2-4
Summary:  Students can see how arrays helps us with multiplication. 

How to integrate: Shared, Modeled, Independent

3) Multiplication Table
Grades: 2-4
Summary: Teach students how to use multiplication table and a number line.

How to integrate: Shared, Modeled, Independent
4) Repeated Addition BBC
Grades: 2-4
Summary: Multiplication is just repeated addition!

How to to integrate: Modeled, Shared, Independent

5) Learn Alberta Multiplication 
Grades: 2-4
Topics available: 
Equal and Unequal groups
  - Click on Equal or unequal (five questions in total)
Repeated addition sentences
-  Write additional sentences
Multiplication Sentences

How to to integrate: Shared, Independent 

6) The Multiplication Game
Grade: 2-4
Summary:  Playing against the computer, you and the computer come up with product by each choosing a number.  The number will light up on the board - get four products in a row to win.

 How to to integrate: Shared, Independent

Frogs on a Lily Pad - Repeated Addition
Grades: 2-3
Summary: Choose the quantity of lily pads and the number of frogs on each one. Ask pupils to count in 2s, 5s, 10s, etc to find the total.  Show how multiplication is relate to skip counting. 

How to to integrate: Modeled